In a previous blog post, titled ‘Smartphones In Hydraulics’, we detailed the increasing role of mobile devices in the hydraulic industry, and the team at Gerrard Hydraulics have an exciting update on the tech;


The release of the 2nd Gen. CirrusSense™ Bluetooth Pressure Transducer- A quantum leap for wireless transmission technology!


The CirrusSense™ certified wireless pressure transducer is the newest innovation in a long line of disruptive technologies in the industry, boasting an increased battery life and a unique and immediately recognisable (patent pending) design.


This unit is an ideal fit for a wide range of uses in home automation and industrial applications.



To use the Transducer, download the application on mobile device, available on IOS and Android systems, install and connect via Bluetooth to the unit, getting rid of the need for cumbersome and overly complicated wiring setups!


Most common uses for the new CirrusSense™ unit include campervan, marine, motorhome, residential and commercial applications, as well as in irrigation, pool mechanics and sprinkler systems. The 2nd Gen Transducer has the capacity for you to be able to accurately monitor pressure effectively, and with an easy to use, easy access and very simple system.


Because it is built on Transducers Direct TD1000 proprietary technology, the TDWLB ensures high quality and high accuracy with Transducers Direct’s quick deliveries, and low costs.



Features include:

-Connects to smartphones and tablets with BLE (Bluetooth® Low Energy)

-Certified Bluetooth® Wireless technology

Pressure ranges from Vacuum to 10,000 psi

-Long battery life (proprietary technology)

-1% Standard accuracy with optional 0.25% Ultra high accuracy

-Stainless Steel and high impact polycarbonate construction

-Alarm set points

-Secure field programmable naming

-Patent Pending Design

-Schrader, NPT, SAE and G ¼ pressure connection


The Hydraulic industry is only going to become more and more advanced, and through the advent of technologies such as the CirrusSense™ 2nd Generation Pressure Transducer, chances are you are going to see much more surprising and useful tech in the coming years!


If you would like to inquire about our product range or learn more about the specific applications o our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Gerrard Hydraulics today!