We often get enquiries in regards to adding an extra set of remotes on the back of tractors for easy cross over from one hydraulic circuit to another.

For example, you have a tractor with only two sets of remotes and you are towing your air seeder that has 3 functions (2 wing lifts and a main lift). With the 6 port diverter fitted to one remote set you now have a 3 remote outlet.

Now you simply connect the solenoid to an electrical switch in the cab and by turning the selector on/off you can operate two functions from the one tractor remote

The diverter valve has three pairs of connections. The first is for the tractor remote feed. The other two set of couplings is the feed for your towed behind equipment.

The connectors most commonly used are ½” ISO A quick release couplings as seen in the image above but if you require something else, that can be arranged.

You can choose between 12 or 24V DC solenoid activated selector valve or if you prefer to do it manually at the valve you can opt for a push/pull knob or lever option.

The valve is rated to 250 bar max pressure and 60 LPM flow rate.

If you have any questions in regards to this setup or have any other enquiries call us today.