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The Innovative Hydraulic Hose Repair Kit from Hosepatch!

In 2017, the Turner Farmers released a new innovative product to the market- A temporary repair kit for hydraulic hoses.


The Next Generation farmers saw the vital need for farmers and the industry to keep moving and reduce downtime where possible. In rural areas of Australia, you can be waiting for days for a new hose, losing time and money, especially in peak season.


The new hydraulic hose repair kit contains ¼, 3/8, ½, ¾. And 1” clamps and joining barbs. The clamp can be used as a patch for lower pressure applications or as a joiner for higher-pressure applications.


Benefits of the Hydraulic Hose Repair Kit include;

  • Fits most types of Hydraulic Hoses


  • Reduces Downtime


  • One-time Investment


  • Quick & easy assembly


  • Cost-effective


  • Reusable features


Please be advised that the repair clamps are a temporary fixture and a new hose should be ordered as soon as possible.

For more information on our available range of hydraulic hose repair kits from Hosepatch click here, or to talk to one of our representatives by calling 08 9455 2344, today!


For more information on how to use, assemble and fit the hose repair kit, see below!