dowerin-field-day tug o warLocated just a couple of hours by road from Perth, in the heart of the Western Australian wheat belt, Dowerin has hosted the region’s most important industry gatherings for over half a century. The first Dowerin GWN7 Machinery Field Day was held in 1965 as a way for wheat belt farmers to compare rival brands of machinery in working conditions. It now attracts 24,000 visitors, almost all of whom are involved in agriculture or agriculture services. This makes it a great occasion for us at Gerrard Hydraulics to catch up with old friends, make new ones, and bring our customers and partners up to speed with the latest and greatest in the world of hydraulics.

Dowerin old bikeThe great thing about the Dowerin Field Days is that they arose out of a desire to save the town of Dowerin, which was heading for oblivion. And although it has retained its not-for-profit status, its success has enabled it to “pay” its volunteers in the form of credits to their chosen local cause. The Dowerin Field Days are therefore responsible for distributing much needed financial support to organisations like fire services, schools and sporting associations.

Modern agriculture has hydraulic fluid running in its veins. There’s scarcely an operation on a farm that doesn’t involve pistons, cylinders and valves. If you’re coming to the Dowerin Field Day, look out for the Gerrard Hydraulics marquee.dowerin tent

We exhibit a selection of products that represent the most significant advances in the field. This year one of the products that has most impressed us has been the Ryco J-Seal. Ryco's new JSealIf you’ve wondered what all the fuss is about this subtle but profound improvement on an existing design, drop in at our marquee and let us fill you in. You’ll also get the chance to see what makes us tick, and why we’re the leading supplier of hydraulic services to the Western Australian wheat industry. You’ll find a warm welcome, and you’ll probably learn something about modern hydraulics that you can put to good use!