Smartphones in Hydraulics

As with every aspect of life, those handy little slabs of magic called Smartphones are making their presence felt in the field of hydraulics. One by one, the Smartphone’s capabilities as a minicomputer and a transactional device are being recruited in service of the hydraulics industry.

Thread ID Mate

Ryco visualRespected manufacturer Ryco publish this handy guide to enable operators in the field to identify quickly the threads and connectors they need from the vast Ryco range. The app is well designed for intuitive use, and allows you to search by name as well as by dimensions, and pictorially.

As well as a comprehensive catalogue of Ryco’s product range, Thread ID Mate contains fitting instructions and part specifications.

Reference and Support Apps

The simple fact that a phone can contain so much data makes its use as a reference for workers in the field a natural application. The phone’s payment system allows online ordering.

CirrusSense™ TDWLB Wireless Bluetooth Pressure Transducer

This one caught our eye, because it’s one of the first apps to exploit the Smartphone’s CirrusSense transducerconnectivity. Monitoring the pressure of inaccessible parts of a system can be cumbersome, requiring inconvenient wire runs to connect the sensor to the instrumentation. With its Wireless Bluetooth Pressure Transducer, CirrusSense sidesteps this problem. Its wide range of applications includes monitoring hydraulic systems, and the sensor handles a range of pressure from vacuum to 10,000 lbs in2.

Features include:

  • Connects to smart phones and tablets with BLE (Bluetooth® Low Energy)


  • Long battery life (proprietary technology)


  • 1% Standard accuracy with optional 0.25% Ultra high accuracy


  • Stainless Steel and high impact polycarbonate construction


  • Alarm set points


  • Secure field programmable naming


  • Compatible with Schrader, NPT, SAE and G ¼ pressure connections

The hydraulics industry is clearly going to be making more and more use of Smartphone technology, and we’ll be keeping an eye on this important development and bringing you updates in future blogs.