Think twice before repairing and installing your own hydraulic equipment.

Many people think that they can repair and install their own hydraulic equipment. However, it does not always turn out the way they plan. They believe they can save a buck or two by trying to do it themselves.

For instance, the above hydraulic motor was leaking, so the owner decided to repair it himself by welding it up to stop the leak. If he had proper training and understanding of hydraulic components, he would know welding on a cast iron housing would not work. The motor is now a very large paperweight.

The actual cause for the leak was several o-rings had become hard and flat from being in the hydraulic motor for too long, allowing oil to weep out between the sections. A seal kit would have been a cheaper method of repairing the motor.

In the next photo is a directional control valve which was intended to be used to operate a single acting cylinder controlling the altitude lift on an auger. The DIY owner could not understand why it does not work.

fail hydraulic



The valve has been plumbed up incorrectly. The pressure line to the cylinder has been connected to the secondary tank port on top which is only used when the valve is in series with another valve. The working ports have adaptors fitted which have been converted into plugs with custom welding.

The pressure line to the cylinder should have been connected to the A port. The B port would be blocked off preferably using a plug, not a welded up adaptor. The secondary tank port should be plugged off as well.

At Gerrard Hydraulics our workshop staff are qualified technicians with the training and understanding required to repair all kinds of hydraulic equipment and systems.   Our sales staff also have the training and qualifications to provide advice and information when setting up a broad range of hydraulic valving and equipment. If you decide to do your own repair or installation give us a call first for advice, it may save you money and time.


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