Hand Pump Crimper

P16HP 1″ hand pump crimper $3800.00 + GST

Complete with dies to crimp from 1/4″ to 1″ two wire braid hose.

Optional: Can be modified to be operated by an air over hydraulic foot pump for an additional cost.

Electric Hose Crimper

P32Q 2″ hose crimper $11,000.00 + GST

Available in four voltage configurations: Single phase 240VAC, 3 phase 415VAC, 12VDC and 24VDC. Complete with dies to crimp from 1/4″ two wire braid up to 2″ four wire braid hose. Comes with Die Holder Rack and Quick Change Tool.

Hose Cut-off Saw

CS300 hose cut-off saw with 10″ blade $2700.00 + GST

Available in three voltage configurations: Single Phase 240VAC, 12VDC and 24VDC.


Gear Pump

Caproni Group 2 Gear Pump $500.00 + GST.

28cc/rev displacement, SAE A 2 bolt mount 82.5mm spigot, right hand rotation,

5/8″ 9T splined shaft, 3/4″ BSPP suction port and 1/2″ BSPP pressure port.

Thread ID Kit

Ryco thread identification kit $75.00 + GST

Includes a 6″ Digital Vernier, Thread Identification booklet, Seat Gauge, a 6″ Steel Ruler and two Pitch Gauges covering Metric and the various Imperial threads.

Digital Thermometer

Pen style digital thermometer $24 + GST / Pistol Grip Digital Thermometer $40 + GST. Pen style digital thermometer up to 220 Degree Celsius. Easy to use light weight (20grams) and small in size. Auto power on/off. Pistol Grip digital thermometer up to 330 degree Celsius. Easy to use , laser pointer, auto power on/off.

GH Flow Tester

Hydraulic Flow and Pressure Tester $1998.00 + GST.  Flows up to 180 lpm. Pressures up to 280 Bar (4000 PSI). Relief protection, pressure gauge display, analogue flow indicator, temperature display and adjustable load valve. For testing flows in hydraulic systems up to 180 lpm and 280 bar.

Transfer Pump

Hydraulic Oil Transfer Pump $1490.00 + GST. Single phase 240 volt Electric Motor. Flow rate of 11 LPM. 25 micron absolute hydraulic oil filter on outlet port. Safety relief valve set to 11 Bar. Mounted on frame with carry handle. Other options available on request. This product is made-to-order.  Please call for more information.

Modular Flow Control Valve

LC modular (sandwich) Cetop 3 flow control valve $272.00 + GST.

Meter In on A port, max 50 LPM flow, max 310 BAR pressure.