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OP20 Directional Control Valve

Product Description

OP20 Directional Control Valve

Double acting, single acting and motor spools can be used in any combination up to 5 spools. Standard actuation is by a lever and options of air and air/electric or a combination of these can be offered. The valves can be set up as open centre, closed centre and power beyond configurations, with and without relief valves on the inlet port. The option of 2 and 3 position detent, spring centred and spring centred with detent in one position are available.

Flow capacity (7/8 ports) Up to 90 L/m (20 Imp G/M)
Flow capacity (1-1/16 ports) Up to 120 L/M (26 Imp G/M)
Pressure range Up to 210 bar (3000 psi)