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Hydraulic Pumps, Perth

The diversity of hydraulic pumps in use today is vast, as you would expect, and spans everything from massive, slow-moving rams to the tiny manually powered system that works the brakes on your mountain bike.

As it happens, we don’t do bike brakes at Gerrard Hydraulics, but we do just about everything else that is moved by fluid. Keeping a big enough range of hydraulic pump types to meet the needs of Australia’s rural and resource industries is no small undertaking, but it’s a challenge to which Gerrard Hydraulics has risen since its inception in 1978.

Extensive Range Hydraulic Pump Manufacturers

We realised, right from the get-go, that the key to effective hydraulic service was to minimise our customers’ downtime. It was clear that aligning ourselves with particular hydraulics manufacturers to the exclusion of others, while it might appear an attractive stratagem, would not allow us to fulfil our aim to be the go-to supplier for hydraulics in Western Australia. We realised that meant keeping the broadest possible range of spare parts and fittings, for all the hydraulics brands in common service in Australian mining, transport, rail and agricultural industries.

Greater Expertise & Service

We maintain an expert level of familiarity with each brand’s products and are able to custom build solutions to problems for which no off-the-shelf products exist.

This hasn’t stopped us being appointed Western Australian distributor for two key Australian manufacturers: valve maker Oilpath Hydraulics and cylinder maker Baker Hydraulics.

And that’s why, when it comes to hydraulic pumps, here at Gerrard Hydraulics you will find the broadest range of brands represented, together with a level of expertise that enables us to diagnose most problems on the strength of a brief description of the symptoms, and prescribe a fix that works – first time.