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Hydraulic Power Units, Perth

The heart of any hydraulic system is its power unit, which converts electrical or mechanical energy into hydraulic power. Because of the incredible diversity of applications which use hydraulic power, considerable knowledge and expertise is needed to correctly specify power unit solutions for any given purpose. An application which moves a large mass over a short distance in a long period of time may, in theory, require the same power as one which has to move a small load a large distance quickly. However, the design of power unit needed to perform these tasks will be quite different. This is one of the reasons why, although many off-the-shelf power units are available, many are purpose-built, one-off designs.

Specifying and designing hydraulic power packs is a highly technical field, requiring a depth of expertise and experience which few in the industry possess. As well as the raw parameters of the task the unit has to perform, modern hydraulic systems incorporate a host of ancillary systems which must be correctly specified. For instance, load sensors are often used to prevent overload, and to provide an energy-saving response to fluctuating loads in applications which routinely use only a small proportion of the system’s rated power.

Gerrard Hydraulics makes many units to order, designed in consultation with our customers, and so ensuring that each is purpose-built for the task in hand.

Our power units range from 0.25 Kw to 100 Kw. They are divided into

  • Electrical AC
  • Electrical DC
  • Internal Combustion – petrol or diesel.

We offer all the options in the power units we build. These extend from basic, fixed displacement pumps, through to variable displacement, load sensed single and multiple pumps.

So if you’ve got an especially gnarly hydraulics problem – or even just a simple one – we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call today.